About Us

EIBEN s.r.o.

In 1994, the company EGM Gabriel Eiben was established. The company focused on the production of small electric motors and cable assembly in the form of wage labour. In 2000, EGM Gabriel Eiben company employed 100 employees and it underwent its transformation to EIBEN s.r.o in the same year.

The transformation allowed us to develop, beyond the electrical engineering production, in the field of mechanical engineering, namely in the rotary metal stamping field. We have linked this branch of business to our family tradition, in which Ján Eiben learned to be a metal-pressman in the factory SANDRIK in 1934. For many years, he held a position as a metal stamping manufacturer. In the early days of our business, we operated with manual machines. Later on, we replaced them with template-controlled metal spinning machines. The requirements of our customers have forced us to switch to more productive and more accurate machinery. Since 2010, we have gradually invested heavily into CNC-controlled metal stamping machines and expanded our customer portfolio. In 2017, we decided to establish our own tool manufacturing company called E TOOLS-WERKZEUGBAU s.r.o, which specialises in metal stamping tools and tooling production for the company EIBEN s.r.o. as well as for other customers. Other technologies like deep-drawing, pressing, longitudinal welding of pipes, annealing and CNC-controlled mechanical machining have been gradually added to our portfolio. Presently, EIBEN s.r.o. employs 20 workers and has become a supplier for the European market mainly focused on the metal spinning products. The main goal of the project is to fundamentally innovate the production process of rotary metal spinning. The goal will be fulfilled through the implementation of the main activity aimed at procuring the technology of sheet metal printing for the production of hollow rotating bodies. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Tool Works

Manufacture of precision machinery parts for piece and batch production using the CNC technologies forms the core of our business. At the same time, we offer design and technological capabilities for the use as follows: • cutting and punching tools a utensils • tools for deep drawing of parts • tools for pressing steel parts • JUS parts and assemblies • production of electrodes for electroerosive machining • production of verification parts and series

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